Welcome to Via Delia!


About Us

Buttonistas are the creative core of Via Delia. Like Baristas, who steam artful lattes, and Fashionistas, who sport enviably-stylish clothing, we Buttonistas take everyday buttons into the realm of artistry. Each item we make has its own, unique decorative background, selected from our vast collection of new and vintage papers from around the world.

Via Delia has been making artsy political campaign buttons, fridge magnets, ornaments and other keepsakes since 2007.  In 2014, we relocated our studio to the heart of historic, downtown Bend, Oregon – and added a little gift shop on the side. Our store is a place for those who appreciate well-made, hand-crafted items, created on site.

Via Delia also produces products for retailers around the country. Our custom products can be found in gift shops, museums, aquariums, zoos, adventure parks, and bookstores, to name a few.

About Delia Paine

I have always been a self-entertained, artsy-crafty person. I attended Metropolitan Learning Center, an alternative public elementary school in Portland, Oregon. In that world of few rules, I had time on my hands and a healthy supply of of crafting materials. Along the way, I crossed paths with about every art medium. You could say I have always “played art.”

Via Delia was established in 1986, originally as a handmade greeting card company, supplying over 40 gift shops in the Puget Sound area. The business name tagged along with me, as every few years I would discover something new to make and sell at craft fairs and local shops.

In 2002, my husband and I moved to Oregon to raise our youngsters. Along the way, I bought a manual button press to inexpensively “frame” my tiny watercolor paintings. I began messing around with it to see what else I could do, and soon discovered my own technique. I started supplying gift shops with “Bend” fridge magnets (Bend, being our home town), where they became popular with locals and tourists alike.

On a lark, in 2008, I began making presidential election campaign buttons with the same process, where every single item was delightfully different – and fun. Soon, my phone began ringing with orders… a lot. I worked at a frantic pace for months, and in December 2008, relocated to Washington DC to open a pop-up store in Union Station for the month of Inauguration. On my last day, I was invited to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, where the Senior Curator of the Politics in America Division selected an assortment of Via Delia buttons for their permanent collection.

When the election season ended, a wave of new requests started coming in for non-political, custom-logo products. That part of the business took off, and I have been busy ever since.